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Sectors We Serve

Construction & Real Estate

We have several clients dealing in Construction & Real Estate sector. We deal both small contracting and property management companies to mega construction giants.


Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurant Chains

We have served several hotels and tourism companies including travel agencies in GCC. We also serve huge number of cafe's & restaurants with some having over 20 branches scattered all over the region. 


Services Providers

With globalization and technology advancement many businesses are dealing in complex sectors where intangible items are purchased and sold. Our competent team and constant investment on HR have lead us to a point where we can serve all such entities with ease. We also serve salons, IT based companies, Insurance brokers, consultants, technical services, interior decorators etc. 


Aviation, Shipping and Logistics

Brainstorm Accounting & Bookkeeping wide range of transport companies. Our team is serving all types of transport companies (Land, Air, Sea). We have also rendered services to airlines and aviation companies working in GCC.  

Manufacturers & Industries

We serve several industries in GCC. Our expert staff specializes in complex reporting mechanism tailored for industrial clients. Industrial clients have their own needs and Brainstorm is reliable partner for providing professional services in cost accounting, budgeting, HR planning etc. 



We serve numerous trading companies in UAE. This includes grocery shops, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food stuff traders, mobile & computer accessories dealers, vehicle and parts dealers, importers & exporters of finished goods etc. Inventory and pricing is key in trading sector while we specialize in serving all needs of our prestigious clients in this regard. 


NGO and Social Welfare

We serve a wide range of charitable and Non Goverment Organizations (NGO's) in several parts of the globe. We have not only provided financial consultancy but also have helped in capacity building of several NGO's. Our staff have not only served GCC based NGO's but also traveled to remote and war affected countries for project completion. Apart from NGO's we also serve hospitals and schools and provide our services tailored for their needs. 


Government Entities

Brainstorm is proud to provide advisory services to government of several countries. We are based in global economic hub and have served governments of several countries including Mauritius, Afghanistan, Nigeria etc. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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