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VAT Training Workshop

Capacity Building Workshops and Training

Brainstorm Training, like all our businesses, has set benchmarks in the industry. We are the best in corporate and individual training in the UAE and have contributed to the career success of many professionals in the last few years.


With our multicultural staff, Brainstorm provides clients a unique combination of management consulting with varied industry expertise. Brainstorm has a large core of highly qualified management consultants who liaise with administrative and technical specialists.


The team's strength comes from a thorough knowledge of the UAE & Middle East its trends, and the ability to look at client specific requirements and use that knowledge to ensure success. Brainstorm provides proven solutions that can be quickly deployed and implemented in order to sustain performance and support the building of high-impact teams. Apart from our own list of workshops we also tailor trainings as per organization needs and provide customized training solutions.


Brainstorm is flexible in training venues and locations. We have our own training rooms which can accommodate more than 300 people and conduct multiple trainings on single occasion. Moreover our consultants can move to other countries and deliver the trainings in location of your choice. We have been delivering trainings to our clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Topics We Cover
Finance & Accounting
Operational Management
Inter-personnel Skills
Islamic Banking & Finance
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