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Brainstorm Accounting & Bookkeeping is renowned company for ERP and Accounting Software soloutions. We not only help and suggest customers with bespoke software like QuickBooks, Tally, Peachtree, SAGE, Focus etc but also have in-house team to develop and implement software tailored for the organizations needs. We have developed range of software for our clients and carry a wide portfolio of industry specific ERP's.  ERP's usually have wide variety of modules and new features can be excluded/included as per requirements.


Our methodology in development of ERP's 

UAE VAT software

We deal in various software. Apart from bespoke software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, SAGE, Tally etc we have wide range of in-house built in software. These products are ready to use and can be customized as per customer needs. Our prices are very competitive and economical and starting price may cost you as low as USD 250.  


Some of our bestselling products include: 

BS EZ Retail

Point of Sale

BS PoS is a Software solution for Retail Shops and comes in wide series customized for various sectors. The software helps maintain Sale, Purchase, Stock, Expenses, Customers Ledgers, Profit, etc. quickly and easily.

BS MyAccounts

Inventory Management & Accounting Software

BS MyAccounts is ideal solution for inventory based companies with/without multiple locations. Software can handle multple users/branches.

BS ZBooks

Accounting Software for Non Trading Entities

BS ZBooks is voucher based accounting software. This software is for companies which provide services and want to maintain their records in professional manner.

BS Respos

Accounting Software & PoS for Restaruants, Cafe, Sheesha Bars

BS Respos is a Point of Sale & Accounting Software for restaurants and cafe's. The software can handle multiple branch

BS Hospital Management

Clinics Hospitals

This software covers all features of hospitals and clinics. It covers all departments of a hospital from admission till discharge. 

BS School Management

Ideal for Schools, Membership Clubs, Training Instituites

School Management is difficult task. Attendance, Finance and other several matters can haunt management if proper ERP is not introduced. We have developed an ideal solution in this regard.

BS MobileSoft

ERP for Mobile Shops, Computer Shops and Electronics Trading

This software is designed specially for mobile shops and computer traders. It can keep track of all inventory items through IMEI and can keep warranty records of each product. 

BS TravelSoft

ERP for Tourism Companies & Traveling Agencies

BS TravelSoft is an ideal solution for travel agencies and tourism companies. Its capability to handle package based clients and handle visa records makes life easier for customers. 

BS Pharmacy

ERP for Pharmacies, Cosmetic Shops & Food Stuff

This ERP is specialized product for companies dealing in pharmaceuticals or inventory with expiry nature. It is ideal for costing, inventory management and keep financials in order. 

BS Salon

ERP for Salon & Spa

This software is ideal for salon and spa business. It can also handle cosmetic inventory and also handle appointment system for customers. 

BS TailorSoft

Software for Tailor Shops

This product is ideal for accounting system and management of tailoring companies. The system controls various steps and keeps track record of fabrics given to cutters, designers etc. For permanent customers specs can be saved for future use. 

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General Features

All ERP's are unique and developed as per sector requirements but generally most of them have following options:

  • Available both offline &  Online

  • Multi-User 

  • Multiple Branch integration

  • User Authorization

  • Bar-code Printer and Scanner friendly

  • Comparable with Cash Machines & Card Machines

  • Inventory Reports & Tracking

  • Ledgers, Trial Balance, Financials etc

  • Bank & Cash Management

  • VAT Compliance

  • User Authorization Options 

  • Can be customized as per clients requirements 

For more details please download our ERP brochure (Below) or send your requirements for a quotation of customized product for your company. 

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